BM Bonviccini

This beautiful Italian moped, a rare BM Bonviccini, was unregistered in the UK and had spent the past five years in storage. The owner wanted it checking over, servicing and making roadworthy to bring its mechanical condition up to match its excellent appearance.

To get the little bike roadworthy we had the re-work the steering head, which had parts missing and was unadjustable as it was. We rebuilt the wheel bearings, which required new balls, cups, cones and even repair work to the spindles! The carburettor was gummed up with ancient petroil mix and required stripping and sonic cleaning to put it back into action. Other than that, a few wiring issues were sorted, the awkward gear linkage was adjusted and fresh petrol and a plug had it up and running.

Back on the road, the bike has enough oomph for the requisite 30 or so mph, and the three speed gearbox gives it a lot more flexibility and ‘real bike’ feel than a conventional moped. It’s so light it handles like a pushbike (with pedals to match) and is perfectly suited to dawdling along country lanes in the sun.