1958 Trials AJS

This bike was brought in to be ‘finished off’ but remains an ongoing project. First appearances suggested a nearly complete ‘bitsa’ trials bike made from two or more AJS’s of 1950’s manufacture but closer inspection revealed mismatched parts, half-finished assemblies and dangerous cut-corners. Taken together this has led to a near total rebuild to bring the bike from a very pretty collection of parts into a real, trustworthy machine that the owner intends on using for commuting and occasional long distance trials

Many tabs and brackets were missing from the frame and have been fabricated and replaced to provide good mounting points for the oil tank, toolbox, battery etc. The bike was in full trials spec. when it arrived but the owner has decided to reinstate the electrical system and a suitable dynamo, battery, headlamp etc. have been sourced to make the bike more suitable for road use.

The gearbox appears to be in good condition but is not correct for the engine. Strangely, the most economic prospect was to disassemble the engine and modify the crank to suit the gearbox! Most jobs, however, are simply finishing off what someone had already started.

This bike remains an ongoing project as we reassemble the engine and fit the engine, gearbox and all the other new parts back into the prepared frame.