Honda XL250 Recommissioning

This XL250 was the current owner’s first bike and has been off the road since he acquired it at 14. Since then it has been used for Enduro and as a field bike, accumulating bumps and scrapes until being laid up a few years ago. The bike was brought in to be recomissioned, restored to good mechanical order and put though its first MOT in 20 years.

Obvious damage such as the sidestand (bent and no spring) and the footbrake (bent into the frame and seized) was repaired  before we attempted to start the bike. By the time it was running well the entire fuel system had been stripped, cleaned, flushed or replaced and the ignition system was essentially new. Mechanically, the bike was good so a thorough check and service, including a double-flush to clean out the old oil, was all that was required.

Electrically the bike was not so good; years of bodges to keep it going meant the wiring was a bird’s nest of mismatched components and old connections. The entire loom was stripped out and the bike re-wired from scratch, with an entirely new charging system due to parts availability, to produce a simplified version of the original. All new cable and connectors were used, with new components (switchgear etc.) where the originals could not be economically repaired.

The bike is now back in use on a daily short commute as well as being enjoyed at the weekends in its natural habitat of green lanes and stubble fields.