Charging Bullet

The Charging Bullet project aims to convert a Royal Enfield Bullet to pure battery power while retaining the Enfield’s original easygoing handling and pleasant feel to give a satisfying, maintenence free and cheap to run commuter bike. To prove the bike, however, we are going to attempt a Land’s End to John O’Groats run in the summer of 2018, recharging at public charging points and campsites along the way.

The frame will be retained and unmodified with all the electrical components carried on a steel sub-frame that is a simple bolt-in replacement for the original engine and gearbox. This puts the weight of the new components low and forward, where it should be. The bulk of this space will be occupied by 12 Nissan Leaf battery modules (each consisting of four Lithium-Manganese pouch cells in an aluminium housing) to provide a total capacity of 6kWh at 48V. This will drive a Saietta (Lynch) motor through a 550A Kelly controller to provide 9kW of continuous power, 17kW (22hp) peak, to subtly improve on the performance of the original 350cc petrol engine.

For full details and regular updates on the project, check out the Charging Bullet website: