Electric Conversion

Whatever your electric dreams, we can help make them a reality.

Following the success of the our Royal Enfield “Charging Bullet” conversion we can now offer conversions for any Royal Enfield Bullet. Ride in on your last tank of petrol, ride home on clean, green electric power. The 6kWh battery gives the Bullet a 50 mile range and and 60 mph top speed, ideal for exploring Britains back lanes; what other bike let’s you hear the birds singing as you ride along? The instant electric torque, smooth power delivery and clutchless single-speed transmission add up to the perfect bike for a city centre commuter with style.

The Enfield Bullet makes a great base for an electric conversion with it’s solid, simple frame and good parts availability but it’s not the only one. Not all bikes are created equal, but many different motorcycles would make excellent foundations on which to build something a little bit special. How about a 100hp silent cruiser? A torquey trials machine? Or a tyre shredding sprint bike? Maybe a clean sheet one-off design to get the bike you want but nobody builds? Whether you have a specific design in mind or would rather let me come up with some ideas to meet your specification, just get in touch at:


01885 482218